+350 animals for Unstoppable Domains
This project started as a domain giveaway featuring animal names and became a huge customer success. People loved their new domain names with their own illustrations. Some of them even used their animals as mascots for their businesses, memes, or to create funny hoodies (e.g., atomicfox.crypto). This promotion increased site visits and led to the purchase of new domains, while also enhancing the company's reputation within the cryptocurrency community.
Initially, I began with 20 animals, but in the end, the collection expanded to include more than 350 animals, along with 100 adjective modifications. You can view them here: 
I needed to create a consistent style of the illustration, make the animals extremely cute but emotionally neutral. Also, they needed to be templated and unique at the same time, and (!) we didn't have time to proper detailed work. I really enjoyed this project as a big challenge, a lot of fun and the weirdest way to learn probably all animal names in English.

After I make the first 150 animals, I came up with 100 different states for one of them. So, you can see here fatal fox, lucky fox, fiery fox, etc. 

Someday this collection could be easily multiplied to all animal illustrations the company has by now, and a huge amount of new domain name covers could be made quite quickly.

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