acrylic on canvas, 73x107 cm, 2020

Bali as it is. Emotional, bright, wild. 
This picture I created in Ubud and it has a truly twisted history. I was working on it in a beautiful studio with a jungle view. I felt so inspired working, and the result as for me was absolutely perfect. I went to sleep happy and fulfilled, but my morning started with the screaming of the studio owner: "who the hell is the painter?? who made this?" 
I didn't know why he was so angry with me until he showed me his own pieces that were ruined by my paints. Even though I could understand his pain, the fact was I hadn’t touched his pictures at all. A lot of screaming later we found the little footsteps. Apparently, cats were walking around at night, stepped at my fresh painting, and then walked into his works. 
The owner was still furies and told me to get out immediately. I lived in another part of Bali, so I needed to transfer somehow the picture that was still wet, and of course, that journey left the marks on my painting along with the cats' traces. 

That is the story of how I gained the actual enemy in Bali.
The story of the perfect world with its flaws. 
I love how this picture revealed in the end, I love that it has conflict and peace inside at the same time. No matter how hard I tried to catch the Bali spirit, only this stressful story made it truthful and alive. 

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